Most people have concerns about having a granite countertop because of maintenance. But we tell you that maintaining a granite countertop is easy. Yes, you’ve read it right. The reason why most people are afraid of granite countertops is because of misinformation and myths. There is a lot of wrong information that has been passed around that confuses most homeowners.

Once you have learned the correct ways of cleaning, simple secrets and proper maintenance, having a granite countertop is a piece of cake.

The easiest way to ruin your granite countertop is by making bad habits, so make sure you don’t do things that can damage your countertops. Here are some tips in caring for your granite countertops.

Clean spills immediately

Acidic liquid such as coffee, orange juice, citrus and sodas may not ruin your granite countertop, but they can leave a stain on the surface. So make sure to remove spills right away by wiping them using a clean cloth. Do not let any liquid sit on your countertop for hours or overnight.

Cooking oils may also leave a stain if not immediately cleaned. So make sure that the pots or pans you place on your countertops are free from oil traces or they can stain the surface. Blot any spills immediately as soon as they happen. All you need is warm water and a clean cloth to avoid any harm on your countertop.

Use specially formulated granite cleaner

There are lots of countertop cleaners available in the market. However, not all products are good for your granite kitchen benchtops Sydney. Use recommended products to ensure that the best condition or your countertop is maintained. Note that using hot water for quick clean up will do.

You can use dish soap in cleaning granite countertops; however, repeat use of dish soap can take away the shine on your countertop. So regular use of dish soap in watching your granite countertop is not always advisable.

Also, avoid using household products like vinegar. Vinegar is acidic and not suitable for granite countertops. It is always safe to use products recommended by granite countertop manufacturers.

Use coasters under all bottle kitchen items

Not using a coaster may not etch the granite, but it is a good practice to protect your countertop and maintain its good condition. Also, be careful of banging glass items on your countertops as this can result in chipping or scratching.

Use hot pads under hot pans or pots

Once again, it’s not always a necessity. You can put hot items on top of a granite countertop without having problems. Using hot pads is just a precautionary measure to protect the surface from scratch due to grits that may be trapped on the bottom of the pan or pot. Although granite is very durable and can withstand heat without damage, it can develop light scratches. Chips and scratches on granite countertops can be repaired however, it is always best to avoid them.

Putting hot pots and pans directly on granite countertops can also cause discolouration, so it is always ideal to use protective barriers such as a mat or hot pads.

Use cutting boards

Do not use your granite countertop to act as a chopping board when you prepare ingredients for cooking. There is a possibility that you’ll have your surface scratched. Cutting On stone tops will also make your knives dull and can damage the edges quickly.

Overall, the best way to care for your granite countertop is by applying preventative care. By following our suggestions above, you are guaranteed that your granite countertop will last you a lifetime.

You may think that choosing wall art requires labour. It doesn’t have to be that hard. You don’t have to feel paralysed in deciding what pieces should be in your wall. Yes, art requires something. However, you don’t need to play by the rules. What matters is for it to have meaning.

The first thing you need to think of is what design or theme are you going for your space. If you know your style, you know what kind of art you want for your walls. If you something beautiful but does not give you the feeling of enjoyment or relaxation, then don’t put it on your wall. Remember it’s your space, your style and your money you will spend on wall art. While sometimes we need to make compromises, this doesn’t mean you have to go for home decors that would not suit your style. You live in your home so it would be eBay that you will enjoy the pieces that are on your walls.

Are you ready to decorate your blank walls? Here are some wall decor ideas for every type of person. 

Living wall

If you love plants, then you know how gorgeous your home will be with a wall full of them. The first thing you need to take care of is the location of your proposed wall. You need to ensure that it receives enough daylight and also not close enough to the AC to prevent plants from dying. Once you have figured out the location of the wall, you will be able to know what kind of plants to put in there.

Plan selection is the key to achieve longevity for your living wall. Know the best plants that would suit your climate. If you like different kinds of plants, mixing them together is good, but if they don’t have the same care requirement, it can ruin your work in creating and designing a living wall. Pick plants that require the same level of light, temperature and watering.

Living walls are very popular, especially for those with limited area and want a greener space. Not only does it enhance the appearance of the interior, but it also improves air quality and serves as great insulation.

Wall murals

No matter where it is, home or office, wall murals have a very large impact when it comes to the overall interior design. These level-ups graphics can turn a dull and drywall into life and create a magnificent work of art. Unique and customisable, wall murals have been one of the hottest trends in wall decor in the past years.

Paint your imagination, inspiration or something that you really love on the wall. You are free to paint whatever you want. That empty wall in your home can be an excellent canvass to show your creativity and talent. It’s also a way of adding a new kind of freshness in your home. Wall murals can add interest, fun, beauty and charm to a once boring space. When it comes to choosing the best paint for wall mural, you should choose eggshell sheen. Stay away from satin and semi-gloss as they can become overly shiny.


Laser-cut wall art

Many people don’t consider laser cutting as can part of wall decorating. But laser cutting can actually produce stunning results if you know where to look. With laser cutting, you have a wide range of selections for engraving and cutting design and styles. Plus, customisation is possible so you can ensure that you’ll have something that is completely unique.

With laser cutting technology, you can turn a piece of metal or wood into wall art that goes far beyond what you would typically see inside of anyone’s home.

To ensure that the pattern, design and materials complement your home, you may consult a professional laser cutting service for choosing the right material and designs that would suit your needs, your space and your personal preference.

Having art in your home is always lovely. It’s like creating a soul in your home and showing your personality through the decorations you put in it. And we have to admit it; bare walls are boring. Beautiful artwork in your walls can help create a feeling of movement.

Choosing the perfect art for your walls can be fun. It can also be a good case of trial and error until you find the one that fits. There are times when, despite doing everything right, you still don’t know something that works. Just remember that you can always change your ideas. Take something down or move it to another space if you want to. After all, it’s your wall. You get to decide what you want.